Reduction in NET TCO by combining print and data centers


Reduction in Print Costs

Client 1


This Top 3 Beverage Company was under global pressure to reduce its carbon footprint. Margins were also under pressure from new, innovative start-ups who were actively innovating and redefining what could be done with water.


This procurement-led sourcing challenge pitted us against the largest printer manufacturers in the world to assess:

  • What was being done
  • How it was being done
  • At what cost
  • What strategy to utilize

Our strategy and analysis enabled us to win the bid.

Together, we built a holistic less-paper strategy; one that would help bolster their sustainability message and provide hard metrics to prove their case.


We formed a worldwide governance team to create a holistic impact across the organization as this challenge was bigger than any individual country.

In their largest country, this client went from having dozens of devices per floor, down to 2 per floor, and post-COVID, have now moved devices to every other floor.

Printing has now become the exception, and costs have been reduced by >65%.

In the US, combined their data center and internal production center taking fixed costs out and lowering total cost by >45%.

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